Olive Forever

Olive Forever is a Extra Virgin Olive Oil that has a strong heritage, from the Damala Family. The objective for the Damala family was to produce an olive oil that says hello to a world-wide audience and spread's the word on all the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Designed by Sophia Georgopoulou, a Greece native who understood the concept and brief behind this brand and designed an olive oil that represents this precious oil and the story behind the Olive Forever. 

"Creative Rational 

A man is born out of an olive tree. 
The man grows arms and the arms grow branches. 
The branches give life to leaves and hold the birds. 
The leaves turn out to the sun and the sun nurtures the tree. 
The tree’s juice nurtures the man and the man grows a body. 
The body spreads around the bark to embrace, to protect the olive tree. 
And this is the circle of life and this circle goes on and on, forever."


Designed by Sophia Georgopoulou | Design

Client: Damala family

Country: Greece