Watmuff & Beckett

Pencil Studio has comic stripped Watmuff & Beckett's product line to tell the story of how the company came to be. Soup and rice are packaged in simple containers that feature illustrations from head to toe. 

"After working with Watmuff & Beckett for some years it was time to add some well deserved provenance to their brand. Their story has a sweet background and we wanted to tell the consumer who they are and how they met and started the business, to engage with the consumer more."


"We used a school book as a lead device, after all this is where they first sketched their plans of starting a business together when they were in their teens. This allowed the brand to be fun and approachable. With the addition of cheeky doodles on the covers we expressed the pairs ability to have mock each other in good spirit."


Designed by Pencil Studio Ltd.

Client: Watmuff & Beckett

Country: United Kingdom