Russian oatmeal cookies

Design agency TWET created packaging and brand identity for bread and food manufacturer Novosibkhleb.

The company wanted to introduce its new chocolate dipped oatmeal cookies to families who prefer healthy and natural food. To create a unique brand image corresponding to the target audience, the packaging needed to spark interest in children ages 2 to 14 and convey healthy information to parents. 



"Specialists of the TWET art-group developed cute characters – hares consuming the product and a unique grapheme: 'Get Ready for a Daily Dozen!' It was important to show both the oatmeal cookies and the chocolate in the image of the product. Special attention was paid to working with text to make it as informative as possible and appealing. Hare images were also used in the design of the big packaging for the cookies." - TWET 


Agency: TWET 

Country: Russia