Ladvas is a line of funky gummy candies designed by mousegraphics. The packaging features a character  carefully illustrated to interact with other bags of the brand, as well as other brands on shelf.  

"The product's name served as an inspirational starting point: we opted for a strong and funky illustration which would reference the "GUM ON" word play and also allude to the chewy, gummy texture of the jellies. Our specialized designer devised a new 'character' who covers most of the package in a way calculated to work very well on the shelves and is color-transformed according to taste specifics (fruits, cola etc.). The front and back of each package allows for funny combinations of pop bright faces with its neighboring package, big cartoon lips snatch the jellies from the transparent part of the container and the whole lot speaks of a sweet, happy and colorful experience." - mousegraphics



Agency: mousegraphics

Country: Greece