The Winchester Collection: Limited edition whisky

Nude Brand Creation produced brand design and packaging for The Winchester Collection, a limited edition collection of 50-Year-Old single malt Scotch whiskies from The Glenlivet. The collection, curated by current Master Distiller, Alan Winchester, will be released over the next few years, starting with Vintage 1964 this year.

The agency wanted to make the packaging as exclusive and luxurious as the product inside. Each bottle is uniquely numbered and hand-crafted to reflect the smooth and flowing character of the River Livet, which is located near the brand's distillery and a facet of the company's 200-year history. 


"When spun, the rising and falling ridges of the bottle make the form intriguing from every angle, appearing as water flows. The thick base and side have been designed to appear as though cradling a droplet of the precious whisky inside, enhancing the indulgent nature of this liquid."

- Nude Brand Agency 

Luxury glass studio Glasstorm created hand blown bottles for the project and silversmith Richard Fox produced a specially-designed stopper (originally created by Nude’s designer Mike Parsonson) out of gold alloy and ‘Cairngorm Stone’, or ‘The Whisky Stone’ on account of its unique coloring. The bottle is presented in a cabinet hand crafted by John Galvin Design

The first bottle of Vintage 1964 from The Winchester Collection will go on sale at Harrods this month. Only 100 bottles will be available for purchase, with a price tag of $25,000 for the first Vintage. 


Designed by Nude Brand Creation

Country: United Kingdom

City: London