Brand agency Family (and friends) helped UK.. Fair Trade company Traidcraft reposition its flagship retail brand GEOBAR for a broader target of consumers looking for healthy, on-the-go snacks. 

The new design celebrates GEOBAR as the U.K.’s only range of cereal bars carrying the fair trade mark with ingredients hand-sourced from all over the world. Textiles, flags and global patterns are woven into the logo to add local and natural flavor, brightly colored illustrations emphasize taste, and other subtle travel stamp-like motifs strengthen the global cues. 



"The brand puts greater emphasis on the role played by the consumer in making fair trade happen--back of pack and other communications talk up the importance of buying fair trade, with the belief that ‘the greatest fair trade ingredient is you,'" - Derek Johnston, strategy director at F&f.

F&f specializes in helping small, fair trade and ethical brands get seen by wider consumer groups. The agency has been working in collaboration with Traidcraft on GEOBAR and other brand projects for more than five years. 


Designed by  Family (and friends)

Country: United Kingdom

City: London