10 Greek Honey

A honey produced in the land of Laconia, known to have something special and unique. 10 Greek Honey, is housed in a sleek black box with a diecut window that peeks through showcasing the pure honey jar and its vibrant contrast honey color against the black box. A lovely design for such a limited and unique honey.  


"DENTAKOS-KAPERONI Ltd with the characteristic name DEKA, was formed after a long year research in the field of pure and healthy foods. After having co-operated with industries, which strictly enforce all international standards and requirements guaranteeing the naturalness and purity of all our products, we have decided to forward such products to demanding markets with the assurance of contributing to the idea of “Health”, that most people desire and wish for."

"10 Series of products by DEKA.
The name is encoded and become number. This number symbolizes the perfect and in some countries in which the company exports products, symbolizes the God and the upper. 
Greek Honey
So the visualization is the number one, which in some packages like that of oil and olives symbolizes branch and the number zero is the visual coding of the product.
The number zero on this packaging is a hexagonal to visually alludes to honeycombs."

Designed by: Ioannis Fetanis 
City: Athens