La Pell

La Pell wine is minimal in its own way. Designed by Dorian, each bottle is ornately scripted with calligraphy embossed or directly printed on the label. A textural accent of colored wax is cleanly applied as a seal, preserving the alcoholic beverage contained inside. The overall design successfully celebrates 125 years of tradition while still keeping up with design trend of minimalism.


"Planted over 125 years ago in the town of Castelló de Farfanya, in Lérida province, the centenarian vineyards discovered by Lagravera are a singular and unique jewel, that has managed to survive to the present day."

"A natural work of art that has given as a result a very limited production of four wines, whose image is centered on a custom made calligraphic work, where the name of the wine is surrounded by 'skin ornaments'."


Designed by Dorian 
Calligrapher: Oriol Miró

Client: Lagravera

Country: Spain