The Russian creative agency, Ohmybrand teamed up with the hundred-year-old canned food line, Dobroflot, to give the brand a modern update. They incorporated the geometric designs from old maritime signal flags with  black and white historical photographs of sea-life.


The employees of Dobroflot are known as ‘sea wolves’ because they spend more time on the sea than they do on land. They produce high quality canned fish out of the largest cannery in Russia. The design challenge for Ohmybrand was to integrate the  many-sided world of Dobroflot: traditions passed from generation to generation, modern production, technology, as well as the old world romance of fishing life. 

By contrasting maritime symbols and black and white photos gives this packaging a timeless look. The minimal pallet, and simple geometric design creates a modern feel without losing the historical significance of a hundred-year-old brand such as Dobroflot.


Client: "Yuzhmorrybflot"
Company Agency: Ohmybrand
Creative Director: Nadezhda Parshina
Designer: Marina Malygina
Country: Moscow