Menu Mash-Up

"Menu Mash-Up is a food-themed party game published by Chronicle Books. The game is for both adults and kids, and the object is to use your ingredient and prep cards to fill the diner's order (like "romantic dinner" or "midnight snack") and come up with a winning menu. It's a creative game that's also lots of laughs."


"Along with designing a fantastic package in the style of a recipe box, Chronicle also designed smart menus with slots as a way of displaying the cards. (Each player has a hand of seven different ingredients and three prep cards, like "roasted," "fried," or "sandwich," to make the menu. Cards such as "and" and "with" are also available to use.)"

Designed by: Chronicle Books
Chronicle Books, founded in 1967, is renowned for its beautiful, playful books and gifts, as well as its knockout list of food titles."