Concepts We Wish Were Real

Happy Friday! Here is another round up of Concepts We Wish Were Real! 


Student: Clean + Protect

This blister pack, conceptualized by Kasperi Salovaara, is minimally bold with a dichromatic color scheme. Upon opening the striped origami casing, you are presented with a medical patch with illustrations that provide a step to step guide, understood universally. 

Designed by  Kasperi Salovaara

Concept: Beans & Friends

Claudia Olejnik conceptualized the way a brand can highlight their product on the shelves. With Beans & Friends Roastery, coffee grounds are packaged in resealable kraft bags, illustrated with a line drawing of the bean's origin. For quick and easy deafferentation, a bright streak of color underlines the logo creating an interesting dynamic between the neutrality of the organic substrate and the high pigmentation of the line gesture.

Designed by Claudia Olejnik

Student: Xerdawnfi Candle

This beautiful candle looked for inspiration in the night sky. Designer Danielle Fritz packaged the caramelized molded wax in a gridded structure drawn with constellations that told the story of how Xerdawnfi came to be. 

Designed by Danielle Fritz

Concept: 100TEE

Jann de Vries minimal aesthetic can be seen with 100TEE. The packaging is bare with a black and white color palette that focuses on the most important element, the product itself. By limiting the amount of information put onto packaging, attention is given to the form and contents inside the pouch. Three different substrates were used  and all were given the 100TEE trademark white sticker that simply, in grid form, displays details to what's inside each one with an added human touch with a handwritten signature.

Designed by: Jann de Vries

Concept Mr. Smith

Branding agency Viewpoint produced this concept design for craft beer product, Mr. Smith. The bottleneck is wrapped with a branded gold foil. The logo, which is featured prominently on the glass bottles and cardboard packs, is a mystery gentleman - in white gloves and top hat - reading a newspaper that conceals his face. 

Designed by  Viewpoint

Concept: Cirk Beer - American Pale Ale

"Cirk (which is the slang term for drinking, in Serbian language) and Zviz (onomatopoeia for an act of punching someone or something) are proposed names with visual identities for one of the few Serbian microbreweries with, so called, gypsy-brewing philosophy."

Designed by: Miloš Bogdanović