Oliphant Brewing

Aerogram Studio has brewed up an ornamental design for Oliphant Brewing. The musky bottle is corked similarly to champagne and dressed in a tribal outfit. A textile elephant's head is hung in exhibit below hieroglyphic-inspired text that pays respect to the legendary Oliphant creature.  


"Oliphant Brewing is a small brewery in the midwest which lives by its company motto, “Let Unreason Reign”. The oliphant is a mythical creature invented by the brewers, meant to take on a different meaning to each person who perceived it.

'We want to spread a legend,' they said."

"After drawing inspiration from ancient Mesoamerican culture, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Dada, and more, we created this hand-drawn Oliphant skull. Oliphant Brewing is successfully operating in Wisconsin, offering an array of beers with names like “Land Eels vs. Sea Snakes” and 'Milkman Manbaby'."


Designed by Aerogram Studio

Client: Oliphant Brewing

Country: United States & Germany

Photography: Kyle Born