450 North Brewing Co.

Back in 2012 CODO Design met with 450 North Brewing Co. and developed a strong branding for their visual system. Earlier this year they were contacted to design the packaging for their four house beers. Letting the Indiana farm roots inspire the design they created a strong and fun design that can continue to be adapted to any seasonal beers they launch in the future. 


"We first met Dave and his sons back in 2012 when we helped to brand 450 North Brewing Co. That first project was foundational, ending with a visual identity system.  

Earlier this year, we were excited when Dave called to have us design packaging for their 4 house beers; Scarecrow IPA, Copperhead Amber, Ironman English Ale, and Honey Kölsch. We got to dig back into the same Indiana farm aesthetics we explored initially and developed a fun package design system that they can grow into as they continue adding seasonals and specialty beers."

Designed by: CODO Design
City: Indianapolis, Indiana