Concepts We Wish Were Real

This week's selection of Concepts We Wish Were Real features some great examples of multi-functional packaging, cool die-cuts, and funky illustrations. Check out these 10 projects and share your favorite!  



WDSTCK Barber Blade / Concept 

"The shape of the package for WDSCK Barber Blade was inspired by old street barber lights. The handle of the blade itself is made according to the guidelines of Woodstock Sawmill Identity." 

A nostalgic reminder of classic times. This packaging not only ensures safe handling, but the inspiration behind the design is an appropriate choice considering how uncommon barber lights have become. I think it's a great interpretation!

Tough Slate Design / Ukraine


The Tea Guild / Concept 

"Revitalising the masculinity of the Australia tea market – This concept was the foundation to establishing the brand The Tea Guild as boutique Tea brand providing an offering to a male demographic, a sector typically neglected within Australia. Drawing from tradition and designing for longevity sees to the creation of this elegant and crafted brand and accompanying packaging system. The set includes custom fabricated tea tins, a Queensland Walnut storage box, stainless steel tea strainer, coasters and information guide."

I like this because of the thoughtful layout of all the set components. There is nothing better than receiving a gift set, where all items correspond to one another for one memorable experience. I don't know a lot of men who routinely drink tea, but with the Tea Guild's design would make this appealing to most people. 

AND Creative / Australia


Ilios Dried Fruit / Student 

"Ilios is a fictitious organic dried fruits brand. Dried fruits are simply dried after harvest. In most cases, they are just dried in the sun, which is why they are mostly produced in countries with a hot climate. So the name comes from the Greek and means "sun". The goal of the concept was to communicate the tradition and the highest quality organic of the natural ingredients. I wanted to differentiate the product through an attractive & elegant packaging."

This is truly attractive packaging that communicates a premium product. The product photography works well to enhance the illustration of each package, but without it, it looks just as fine.   

Dimitris Kostinis / Belgium 


Concept Chopping / Concept 

"Its unusual design concept makes this packaging stand out. Not only does it show an illustration of the kitchen utensil contained in each box, it also features a colour image of a food with which it is used. The packaging of a knife, for instance, shows an onion. When opening the packaging, the illustration is separated in half which has the aim of evoking associations with cooking. An illustration on the inside of the packaging indicates the result of using the utensil; in the case of a knife, it is chopped onions."

I imagine this would be sold at a high-end home goods store, where packaging like this would be appropriate and worth the cost. I like that these utensils are packaged to resemble tools, which for avid cooks, they can certainly be. I'd be curious to see how the range could expand to include other utensils. 

Via reddot 21  / South Korea 


Holy Cow Dairy / Concept 

"'Holy Cow Dairy' is a student project, I did for 'Fachhochschule- Design- Dortmund.' The task was to create four dairy products for a fictitious company, which I called 'Holy Cow.' I decided to design four milk-packages (banana, honey, strawberry and hazelnut), which should stand out from other milk-packages in the refrigerated-section. Each package has a balanced and dynamic illustration on its front, that refer to its flavour. The milk-packages were laser cutted on coloured cardboard. Finally the label and inscription were silkscreen-printed on the cardboard pieces."

These cartons of milk are die-cut and to die for.  I would be thrilled to have these in my fridge. 

Benjamin Kranzusch / Germany 


Miniature Marshmallows / Student 

Another great use of product and packaging. Tiny marshmallows outline and fill in body-apertures of dainty, delicate critters. The design lends a nice whimsical factor which is a great association for treats like marshmallows! 

Camille Charbonneau / Canada 


Guilty Pleasures / Student

"Created as a promotional item, the concept behind "Guilty Pleasures" was to create a box of vices; objects that we may enjoy on special occasions, rainy days or just for a little pick-me-up, all designed in an intricate pattern for an overall detailed aesthetic. Made of recycled wood, these boxes each contained a bar of delicious pear and almond dark chocolate, as well as a small bottle of vodka, all resting together in naturally beautiful Spanish moss."

I think this would be a great subscription box idea. A monthly box of "guilty pleasures" designed to the nines, I'm in.

Anna Ropalo / Oregon, USA


Little Helpers / Student 

"The idea for this project came from reading about a study which showed that children who learn to cook before the age of 8 are more likely to have a healthy diet later in life. 'Little Helpers' was created as a kitchenware brand providing a range of kitchen utensils for children to help them learn to cook, and have fun cooking with their parents. Each utensil has its own quirky personality with a unique packaging design and hand drawn typography. The packaging is designed to appeal to children by using a bright colour palette and fun tone of voice. The idea is that children can collect them all to create their own cooking 'kit'. This was a student packaging design project for Shillington college. We were given freedom to create our own brief and target market."

I think any child likes the idea of a "adult" tools customized for them, especially kids today.  Little Helpers is a creative and amusing way to engage kids to cook, with a range of personable and (relatable?) characters to collect, or chose from.  

Rachel Hunter / UK 


Tango Candy Theatre Packaging / Student 

"Tango features two-flavor packaging and a set of POP display. Its name and logo are inspired by a pair of Tango dancers. Based on 100 surveys, 89% of moviegoers share candy with others. Therefore, as packaging especially designed for movie theaters, Tango can be separated into two containers, which not only allow more convenient sharing, but also allow more convenient resealing and carrying. Tango stands in cup holders perfectly and its structure allows moviegoers to grip it easily and to pour candy into mouth easily. Furthermore, the one-piece packaging structure facilitates mass production and transportation."

Sometimes I look at something and wonder why it hasn't been done. Tango Candy packaging is a perfect example of this. The concept is so simple, so customizable, and so OBVIOUS, that I'm surprised I've never come across it in real life. 

Simone Simin Li, Shijia Gu, Xiaomeng Shi / NYC, USA


"ugo" Yogurt Packaging / Student 

"'Ugo,' stands for 'yogurt to go', features innovative packaging for yogurt that includes a functional spoon. With the spoon constructed into the packaging, consumers can enjoy yogurt anywhere without worrying about finding a spoon. The spoon also serves as the part that isolate the pure yogurt from flavored topping. The mixing process is so easy that it's done once the spoon is pulled out while opening the package. This packaging design provides effective one-step solution for opening the packaging, pulling out the spoon and mixing yogurt with topping. Offering a simple and efficient experience when enjoy yogurt."

Another packaging solution for the busy lifestyle - a spoon! I see packaging for yogurt and greek yogurt cups, but they rarely come with a spoon, which can be purchase deterrer.  

Chenchen Hu / NYC, USA