Breakfast Club

The concept behind Breakfast Club, a Saudi Arabia delivery food service, is to give you the experience of receiving a desired package. Your breakfast comes complete with postcards, stamps and stickers in a postal type design. 

The secondary elements in the design are the birds and color story. The inspiration Anagrama took was that of a clean and vintage look and feel. They wanted to bring elements of the morning sunshine and birds singing to give nostalgia. Who wouldn't want to start there morning with birds singing and a beautiful breakfast ready to go?


"Our branding proposal for Breakfast Club takes inspiration from traditional postal imagery and elements, such as stamps, seals and stickers over Kraft paper, the traditional postage packaging material."

"Breakfast Club is a brand that preserves simplicity and cleanliness in its vintage style. The main brand icon is based in the sound of birds singing in the morning, making it the secondary concept, along with a color palette inspired in bright sunshine and the blue morning sky."

Designed by: Anagrama
Country: Mexico