Grey Goose VX

Bacardi Limited Group worked with packaging and design agency Linea to conceive and develop Grey Goose's new VX (Exception Vodka) decanter. The new, cognac-infused flavor was inspired by Grey Goose Creator and Maître de Chai Francois Thibault, who began his career making cognac. The goal was to keep the packaging in line with the brand's iconic imagery and create a feeling of French luxury. 


"This refined blend is perfectly embodied in a surprising packaging design relevant with Grey Goose spirit. Featuring French-style luxury attributes, the decanter and cap are largely inspired from Cognac codes. The partially sandblasted carafe portrays the now-famous geese wing over snowy mountains, finely silkscreened on the back." 

The secondary packaging follows the same simplistic, blue and white color scheme but the form features a sturdy, dimensional wrapped box with flip lid and interior cutouts that display the bottle as if it's a work of art.

Integrating beautiful design and creative form, this packaging creates an experience that feels very exclusive. 


Designed by Linea 

Country: France