Tesco Kids Cereals

Pemberton & Whitefoord International Design Consultants introduced colorful characters and interactive games for its recent packaging re-design for multi-national grocer and merchandiser Tesco.


Adopting a story that builds on the legacy of the Olympics, the brand introduced a loveable line of animal characters to its kids cereal packaging. Each character is part of the Brekkie Squad--eight sporty animals who reside in Brekkie Parc, a land made made up of different sporting locations, from the White Water Rapids to the Breakfast Parc Olympic Arena. 

Logos for the Parc and Squad were designed to create a strong, fun identity and to allow the child to feel part of a club. Incorporating sport-related games and puzzles, the interactive packs help engage and entertain young consumers. 


Designed by Pemberton & Whitefoord International Design Consultants

Client: Tesco

Country: United Kingdom

City: London