Design Studio Blend-It produced branding and packaging design for Termokir, an expanding construction services company. 

Following a strategic process and understanding, the company decided to re-position its branding as a "global provider of innovative construction solutions, based on the values of sustainability." To implement the vision both internally and externally, the change had to be expressed in the company’s language, marketing and positioning, the greatest challenge being the packaging. 


"Since Termokir is a long-term enterprise, that over the years has accumulated much visual equity, it was important to learn how and where the packaging meets its target audiences. We studied the product’s life cycle, starting with the state-of the-art laboratory, and then went out to the construction sites and observed the workers mix the plaster. 

To overcome the challenges, we designed a matrix of all family products and then nicknamed each family and numbered the entire range. The matrix we formulated, clearly displays Termokir’s product mix, and provides the foundation for absorbing new solutions as well as future developments."  

Based on colorful differentiation and solid geometric elements, the matrix created a unique, innovative visual language that beautifully coincides with Termokir’s vision.


Designed by  Blend-It Design 

Client: Termokir 

Country: Israel