Golden Road Brewing's 2020 IPA

Last Wednesday, we were invited to attend the launch of Golden Road Brewing's 2020 IPA, benefiting the Los Angeles River Revitalization Greenway 2020 plans.  We received the exclusive on their latest release:

"2020 IPA is a dark red IPA, with a rich pine aroma, light roast, all balanced by a hearty hop bitterness.  2020 IPA celebrates the Greenway 2020 Project, which will connect 51 miles of the Los Angeles River—transforming it from a neglected, concrete riverbed to a connected, public green space by the year 2020."


In the 90s, Los Angeles created a master plan to renovate the city—within the plans, the Los Angeles River was a large part of the process.  Hence, the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation (LA River Corp) was established, whose responsibility was to make the master plan happen. The plan consists of everything from bike paths, parks, housing, real estate, to developing shops along the river. 

Today the LA River Corp specifically deals with the river banks and their goal is to turn this master plan into reality. They have created an even more detailed plan to run the whole operation, called Greenway 2020. To raise awareness of the plan and to spark investors, the LA River Corp and Golden Road Brewing decided to join forces with a commemorative beer and 2010 IPA was born. 

Base Image by John Delancey & Timothy Nguyen

Render by James Mayer of LeanArch

The image on the can is a rendering created by James Mayer at LeanArch, who took the original master plan renders and created an updated version of what could be possible if Greenway 2020 reaches its potential.  Golden Road Brewing worked with John Delancey and Timothy Nguyen to take a base photo from the Broadway bridge in Downtown Los Angeles. Then James Mayer utilized the Greenway 2020 plans to build the new rendering that are beautifully displayed on the cans. 

To learn more about the LA River Corp's Greenway 2020 plans, please click here.

Designed by Golden Road Brewing in partnership with LA River Corp

Country: United States

State: California

City: Los Angeles