Lumbürr Co.

Lumbürr Co. is a lifestyle brand of handcrafted products built around a day at the park—riding bicycles, playing kubb, and lounging on wool blankets. 

"We strive to create products that promote well being throughout their life-cycle; from material collection, to manufacturing, to use and finally to end-of-life. Infused with Canadiana and a hint of Swedishness, Lumbürr products exude craftmanship and quality."


Natural locally sourced materials were selected to create a product experience that cannot be matched with man-made materials and mass-production. The raw materials, which are contrasted with the occasional red accent, "were primarily left unfinished so they would age gracefully and tell a story."

The project is a collaboration between graphic designer Ben Johnston and product designer Mark Simmons


Designed by Ben Johnston & Mark Simmons

Country: Canada