I Love Coca-Cola Light

Oz Estratégia + Design has designed for their client Coca-Cola for quite some time, and was commissioned to design a new package for Coca-Cola Light. It had been out of the market for 6 years. The strategy was to ask their consumers "Do you like it or love it?" With the strategy in mind, the heart is a prominent factor in the overall package design and marketing. 

"As to recover those consumers who want to drink a Diet and Light soft drink and have not migrated to Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Light is back, to become one more tool to retain Coca-Cola Brazil’s consumers. Surveys have indicated a 99% recall index for the soft drink. Another 33% share of the surveyed sample admitted they would buy the product if sales were resumed, for they still having strong attachment to the product.

Thus, Oz developed the packages for Coca-Cola Light, which translate the concept  “Do you like it or love it? I love Coca-Cola Light!”

The graphic solution found by creative director Giovanni Vannucchi and designer Alexandre Mazini was to work around the love Coca-Cola Light fans have for the product, through a concept that talks to consumers of both sexes.

We opted to create an icon that would transcend the package and serve as an element of branding being used at all points of contact with the public: point of sale, promotional materials, campaigns."

Designed By: OZ ESTRATÉGIA + DESIGN, Brazil

Design Director Giovanni Vannucchi,

Designer Alexandre Mazini

Client Service Executive Juliana Gonzales