The Gild

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Perceived as an 'old school' drink of choice in the past - whisky has recently being picked up by young social drinkers. The consumption of whisky signifies the perception of being different, progressive and sophisticated. "Pearlfisher London was tasked to create a new standout whisky brand, The Gild, for the Russian market and beyond. The brand creation included stategy, brand identity, naming, brand language and tone of voice, structure and graphic. The new whisky brand needed to be authentic, believable and western, not explicitly Russian - but with a universal appeal to resonate with the target Russian consumer, whilst leaving further space for growth"



Rory Fegan, Senior Strategist at Pearlfisher describes how naming and tone of voice made the world of whisky appealing to the target Russian consumer,
“The bottle states that the whisky is ‘conceived in London, born in Scotland’ to establish the Western heritage and desirable credentials that the primary Russian audience is seeking. The name refers back to the guilds of London - the masters and the craftsmen - but has a double meaning with ‘gild’ also referring to the gold standard."
Pearlfisher Creative Director, Sarah Cattle, describes the design process
“The identity and graphics are bold and contemporary yet inspired by the letterpress which reflects a level of craftsmanship, clarity and refinement. The blue dot can be seen as stamp of the guild but, essentially, adds to the brand equity as a recognisable and ownable signpost for the whisky community – and will act as a brand and marketing device in its own right as people learn to look for it. To complement this we have created an exciting and enticing back of pack story which can also be used as part of the brand’s wider marketing initiatives.”
Designed by Pearlfisher, London 
Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher
Creative Director: Sarah Cattle, Pearlfisher
Designer: Thomas Akerfelt, Pearlfisher
Senior Strategist: Rory Fegan, Pearlfisher
Senior Account Manager: Joanna Peirce, Pearlfisher
Technical Project Director: Henry Leeson, Pearlfisher


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