Everything Everywhere All The Time / The Whale Watching Tour : Limited Edition DVD

09 06 13 EEAR dvd 1

Icelandic record label/collective, The Bedroom Community commissioned The Bakery Design Studio to design thier limited DVD packaging for the documentary film about their label, Everything Everywhere All the Time + The Whale Watching Tour - directed by Pierre-Alain Giraud. 



"The camera captures Sam Amidon, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Nico Muhly, Ben Frost & their collaborators on their Whale Watching Tour that takes place during the volcano eruption a couple of years back. It also features some insight into artist's work at Greenhouse Studios, their ethos, tour life, etc. 

The design is based on the idea of perpetual movement & traveling. While the vacuum-sealed package is a nod to snacks you have on the run, the typographic solution inside evolves around the idea of a compass. Set in different directions, text demands reading at various angles as though it's a map one has to navigate through."


Designed by The Bakery Design Studio, Moscow 

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