Body Nordic

09 02 2013 bodynordic 1

Body Nordic’s illustrations captured my eye immediately. The free flowing floral and fruit illusrations are intricate yet very sophisticated. I love the unique color combinations with the illustrations in this collection. Each bottle looks hand drawn and one-of-a-kind. Read below on this design and overall concept from Bessermachen Design Studio.



"BODY NORDIC is a 100% Danish developed beauty care line for face and body. Each jar, bottle and flask contains products that are based on pure raw ingredients, first and foremost gathered from Scandinavia.

The BODY NORDIC logo is a swallow, which symbolizes the Nordic values and the concept of freedom behind the brand. On top of freedom, BODY NORDIC is also flexible, which the bird also represents. Customers are free as a bird to shop where and when they like and are not hindered by opening times, physical store locations or empty shelves in a store."

Designed By: Bessermachen DesignStudio, Copenhagen, Denmark

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