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Twinings Tea had a problem and Believe Branding definitely came up with a wonderful design solution. The gold foil on the logo brings a unique stand out to the brand and the name Twinings and elevates the package design. I love the color identity on each package along with the beautiful illustrations that are very similar but slightly differentiate between each flavor.



"The Problem: Twinings are perceived to be the premium, market leading consumer tea brand but where in danger of falling behind a variety of new brands, such as T2 and Madame Flavour who were providing a more innovative and enticing offer through new formats.

The Solution: The new pyramid teabags allow the flavours more room to infuse in the cup releasing greater flavour. We brought this to life by creating individual aroma trails for each flavour based on the leaves and ingredients inside. The delicate aroma trails rise from a die-cut window of a tea cup which very importantly also allows customers to see the large tea leaves inside so they can visibly see the point of difference.

To stand out in a crowded and very colourful fixture we decided that the design would have the best opportunity for success on a very pale, off white background with premium foil gold stamping. To add interest and further excitement to the packs each side panel has it's own unique pattern with a clear foil adding another level of detail and finish to the overall presentation."


Designed by Believe Branding, Australia

Graphic Designer Tim Moore

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