Weizen Bier Wheat Shampoo

09 11 2013 weizenbier 1

The idea of smelling like beer is definitely not appealing but what if you smelled like cloves and bananas? And your luscious locks were drenched in all natural products? And on top of all that you had this beautiful shampoo bottle sitting on your bathroom shelf? Leder has designed this Weizen Bier Shampoo that is not only a great shampoo but also the package and bottle design has a vintage and distinguished feel to it that you would want to proudly display in your bathroom. Read about the product and view more images Weizen Bier Wheat Shampoo below.




"Shampoo in wheat beer by Frank Leder. TRADITION by Frank Leder is a fairly new project started in 2012 comprised of grooming products, handcrafted in small batches, using traditional methods and established formulas. Leder uses only natural organic components, various plants and herbs namely, in crafting each of his cosmetic recipes. Many of which are handed down from Austrian artisans, but renewed with Leder’s modern take on their particular mixtures and essences. Each product is contained in a fitting transparent bottle with vintage Bakelite screwcaps and illustrated box packaging."

Via: Neighbour - Frank Leder

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