Method Power Foam Dish Soap

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Method changed the idea of dish soap and hand soap around our home with their beautifully designed bottles that you are not ashamed to display in the home. Today Method has done it again with the new Power Foam Dish Soap - the first in its category to have an ergonomic trigger spray bottle. "By combining functional design, delightful fragrance, and powerful formula, Method has created a dish soap ideal for quick, convenient cleaning that fits with today's lifestyles. From narrow openings on baby bottles to wide surfaces like baking pans, Power Foam dish soap makes it easy to clean everything. Plus, the easy-to-spray design and fun foaming soap is an ideal solution for getting kids involved in the dishwashing routine. Power Foam is available in French Lavender, Pink Grapefruit, and Lemon Mint."



Designed by Method, San Francisco 

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