Hacienda Guzmán Extra Virgin Olive Oil

08 29 2013 BIOEVOO 1

Olive oil has never looked so good! The black, white and gold on this packaging looks so sophisticated and the illustration on the bottle really capture a high-end look. The label on the neck, which indicates the bottle number and limited edition information, really comes together with the entire bottle. You can read more about Hacienda Guzman Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Hugo Zapata after the jump.



"BIO extra virgin experience. Exquisite design. Termination lace printing on ceramics. Hacienda Guzmán represents the history of the Andalusian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In the 16th century, it became the biggest and most important Estate in Spain.

This healthy and high quality product has been produced according to strict organic standards, without the use of artificial fertilizers or chemicals. The entire production process is controlled yielding a product that enriches our diet and benefits the environment. 

Designed by: Hugo Zapata, Spain

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