Boyer's Coffee

08 25 2013 boyerscoffee 1

Boyer's Coffee packaging needed a refreshing look and they went to TDA_Boulder for just that! This re-design incorporates the heritage, quality and sophistication that is the Boyer's Coffee brand. You can read more about this great design after the jump.



"Denver based Boyer’s Coffee wanted to redesign their identity, which had remained the same since 1965. They wanted to emphasize the quality and freshness that made them the state’s premier roaster and set themselves apart as a purveyor of fine coffee. We used rich browns and accents of gold to achieve a more sophisticated look. The decaffeinated bags are differentiated with pearl white bags. Both use the new Boyer’s Schoolhouse logo as a centerpiece and homage to the company’s heritage and historic factory." 

Designed By TDA_Boulder

Designer: Barrett Brynestad 

Creative Directors: Thomas Dooley, Jonathan Schoenberg

Illustrator: Steven Noble

08 25 2013 boyerscoffee 2