08 29 13 OpinionSeries Uvita 1 Mona Olsiewicz, Senior Graphic Designer at Tridimage, describes her ideology of what is to be packaging designer through her recent project with Uvita Special Edition, an Argentine table wine.

"As packaging designers our commitment is to create messages that products will convey. Our task is to embody brands´ soul. A package is not only the container of certain product. It also contains ideas and concepts to communicate.

Paraphrasing one of the axioms of the Belgian artist René Magritte:

'An object not always serves the same purpose of its name or its image'

Packaging is a framed part of reality. When choosing a brand we are buying its story. Wine it is not just wine, it is the thread of shared experiences."




"The Argentine company RPB commissioned Tridimage to create Uvita Special Edition, an emblematic table wine brand which personality is deeply rooted in vernacular culture. Designing Uvita packaging meant to look inside ourselves, reflect on our idiosyncrasy and our emblematic cultural icons. We were about to design a truly Argentine product. That led us to wonder, what does it mean to be Argentine?

The main ideas were to represent what we call 'argentinity' and popular wit. Being Argentine is a mix of emotions and different moods that are evident in our way of life. We chose what best represent our culture: Football (soccer), Barbecues, Folk Music and the most well-known card-game Truco.

We wanted to tell stories, evoke feelings and memories that we share as Argentines. We worked to embody this in a distinctive and iconic way, gaining differentiation and connecting with consumers´ emotions. To achieve our goal we used graphic elements in a scenery where the product (wine), symbolized by grapes, is the main character of the package. In a surreal fashion, the grapes turn into football players, guitar chords, cuts of beef and elements to count score when playing Truco.

We challenged objects and their meaning, transforming reality in a poetic way by means of visual metaphors and witty copy which dialogue with shoppers. Inspired by Magritte, we gave a twist to Uvita brand's personality and built a story that goes straight to the consumer´s heart."

Designed by Tridimage

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