Long Table Distillery

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"The typography and unique elements on this distillery packaging gives the idea of quality and exclusivity that were the foundation to this design. Read more about this great project by Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc. below."



"Long Table Distillery is a producer of handcrafted, premium, small-batch spirits based in Vancouver, BC. Its West Coast heritage, expert knowledge, and dedication to organic, high-quality ingredients were the foundation for the design by Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc. A design identity that reflected the distillery’s commitment to craft and focus on small-batch quality was developed for its selection of unique gins, vodkas, and specialty spirits.

The design system needed to accommodate colour coding for flavours of their permanent line, as well as a system to allow for small artisan batches that are sold principally on site. To reflect the artisanal quality of the brand, key elements included a hand-stamped batch number, handwritten varietal, perforated edges, and dotted rules that act as a device to divide information on the label."

Designed by Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc., Vancouver, BC 

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