Fish N Fishy

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We LOVE this unique concept for shopping for fish! No more walking around in a wet, slippery, smelly fish market. "Fish n Fishy is an online seafood shopping mall brand based in Korea. The client approached the brand designers Project Eddy with the purpose of changing the conservative fish industry in Korea by using design as a strategy to change the current market. Fish n Fishy was launched in September 2012."



"Fish n Fishy started from a young entrepreneur wanting to carry on his father’s profession in fish wholesale, based in Busan, that grew into a shopping mall brand selling seafood products through partnership with brand designers Project Eddy. 

The best fish caught from Korean sea are frozen on the spot and are specially packaged individually to be brought fresh and easy to cook on your table. With “Simply delicious mate” as the brand slogan, smelly and hard to handle fish are simply packaged ready to eat with seasoning powders in each individual packaging for the consumers to easily enjoy. Fish fillets are packaged individually each with different seasoning powder, allowing young single consumers to easily purchase fish online. 
Project Eddy as brand designers worked as a partner to Fish n Fishy from business plan, concept development, brand design, package design, web design and all the way through to marketing plans and promotion design to launch Fish n Fishy into the food market. Fish n Fishy have also recently launched their second brand Fish n Cake, selling Busan fish cakes."


Designed by Project Eddy, Seoul, Korea 



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