NEST Fine Fragrances


Founded by renowned fragrance expert Laura Slatkin, NEST Fragrances is a leading lifestyle brand that designs and manufactures a wide range of luxury products for the bath, body, and home. Featuring an exceptional variety of fine fragrance, home fragrance and personal care collections, NEST combines chic packaging with exquisite scents specifically designed to enhance your everyday living and entertaining experience. Known for her impeccable sense of style, Laura Slatkin created NEST for those who aspire to enrich their lives and environments with the essence of luxury, sophistication, and beauty through fragrance.



Designed by NEST Fragrances (exclusive available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Sephora)


Midnight Fleur

"Midnight Fleur combines rich notes of patchouli, black amber, and vanilla with nuances of jasmine, rhubarb, and blue cyclamen. This sultry blend is bold and irresistible."

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White Sandalwood

"A sophisticated fragrance that combines white sandalwood from India and Australia with creamy almond, white musk, and exotic spices. This alluring fragrance balances sensual woody notes with decadent essences."

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Amazing Lily

"Amazon Lily is a radiant fragrance that blends a medley of delicate florals with the sparkling citrus essences of Brazilian lime, tangerine, and bergamot over a base of Galapagos driftwood and white musk."

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Dahlia and Vines

"Dahlia & Vines is an opulent combination of beloved floral notes. The essence of a lush bouquet of peony, dahlia, rose, and daffodil is wrapped in green garden vines and blended with hints of pink pepper, lychee, and raspberry."

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"This vibrant floral fragrance blends citrus notes of bergamot and clementine with passion flower, water hyacinth, and lily of the valley. Dewy-green nuances, Anjou pear, and a hint of black currant provide a modern twist to this elegant fragrance."

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