A Tribute To Andy Warhol

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"Pop art is about liking things.” — Andy Warhol 

Known famously as the American artist who lead the pop art movement, Warhol was born 85 years ago today in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His works mocked the artistic expression between celebrity culture and 1960's advertising. It is no wonder why so many brands have created limited edition collaborations — Perrier, Campbell's Soup, Dom Pérignon, and Nars Cosmetics — in his honor. The Dieline team will continue honoring Warhol's legend with this collection of limited edition Warhol packages. Please enjoy the art of liking things, as Warhol would say.



Perrier Limited Edition: Andy Warhol

Perrier's limited edition mineral water bottles inspired by Andy Warhol were a series of screen prints which Warhol created himself in 1983. Warhol created over 40 works featuring the iconic Perrier bottle in 1983, part of his production of art that depicted everyday consumer products in unconventional ways and included famous quotes like:

"Everybody must have a fantasy." & "People should fall in love with heir eyes closed."

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Reproduced from Perrier by Andy Warhol, 1983

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Campbell's Limited Edition: Andy Warhol

Much like Perrier's limited edition mineral water bottles, Campbell's Condensed Tomato Soup cans were released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Warhol's 162 famed work. The four designed labels reflect Warhol's pop style and use vibrant, eye-catching color combinations like orange and blue or pink and teal.

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Reproduced from Campbell's Soup Cans by Andy Warhol, 1962-1968

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Dom Pérignon & Andy Warhol Tribute

Dom Pérignon refashioned the unchanging bottle in a way that Warhol might have. The inspiration came from Warhol's diaries, dated March 8, 1981:

"Went to the gallery where they were having a little exhibition of the glittery Shoes, and had to do interviews and pics for the German newspaper and then we had to go back to the hotel and be picked up by the “2,000” people – it’s a club of twenty guys who got together and they’re going to buy 2,000 bottles of Dom Pérignon which they will put in a sealed room until the year 2,000 and then open it up and drink it and so the running joke is who will be around and who won’t…"

The bottle was sold for a limited time at $150. It is so gorgeous that we will let the images speak for themself.

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Nars - Andy Warhol Collection

Nars Cosmetics' limited edition pads homage the fashion of the 60's - an extensive, 29-piece range draws upon the artist's iconic imagery and off-register chromatic harmonies. The collection launched at Sephora and was only available for a limited time.

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Inspired from Marilyn & Jackie by Andy Warhol, 1964

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Quinze & Milan x Andy Warhol x Fab 

$425, Fab.com

Lastly, we would like to include one collection that is dear to our heart - the fantastic box of Brillo. 

"In 1964, Andy Warhol’s Brillo Box sculptures made a huge splash in the art world. They now come full circle as utilitarian objects in the Brillo Box Pouf. Created by Quinze & Milan, the poufs are designed after Warhol’s original boxes, but made from Quinze & Milan’s plush and easy-to-clean QM foam. Great for display, or even better as a seat, this Fab exclusive can play table, chair, ottoman or, you know, genius sculpture."

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Brillo Box by Andy Warhol, 1965

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All limited editions were produced under the license of The Andy Warhol Foundation, a non-profit corporation that promotes the visual arts.