Taste of VML

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Rather than the usual handshakes and business cards, VML wanted to introduce the team working on the Western Union account in a memorable way. To give the client a true "taste" of their agency team, we created a full-blown wine experience. It started with custom boxes and labels affixed to real bottles of wine, which were shipped to the client. Once opened, the client was directed online to TasteOfVML.com for yet another unique experience: a vertically scrolling site that started at the bottom of the page. Users were prompted to scroll up, where they watched the wine bottle fill while learning a little bit about each team member (each one written like a humorously snooty wine description).



Designed by VML, Kansas City, MO

Art Director: Andrew Mirakian & Lesley Hunt

Associate Creative Director/Writer: Matt Dorsett

Creative Director: Brent Scholz

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