Nacho Villa


Canada's The Small Monsters were asked to create the branding and packaging for the launch of a new line of Mexican snacks (tortillas, nachos, guacamole and salsa) made by hand using traditional methods and ingredients.



"The challenge was to give the line a higher-end feel and make it stand out in the very crowded market, despite a very limited production budget. They used clean but detailed illustrations and warm, natural colors to highlight the simple, natural ingredients used, and to suggest the hand-made nature of the chips themselves. Early reception from retailers and consumers has been very positive, and sales have been strong.

Launching this week, to complete the line is Nacho Villa Guacamole" 

Designed by The Small Monsters, Canada 
Art Director: Sunil Sarwal
Design and Illustration: Sunil Sarwal and Laurie Larue
Structural Designer: Josée St-Pierre
Packaging photography: Jasmine Waheed 

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