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AIAIAI has teamed up with the renowned Parisian record label-slash-house of style, Kitsuné, for a collaboration, which sees the award-winning Tracks headphones undergo a colourful makeover. Celebrating the classic beauty of the French flag and the timeless yet contemporary creativity of Kitsuné, this special edition colab was somewhat inevitable.

Maybe it’s a case of opposites attract? Understated Scandinavian rationality meeting, French “Joie de vivre” - and living happily ever after? In any case, there’s plenty of common ground as both AIAIAI and Kitsuné are passionately invested in sound and design. View the complete collaboration after the jump.



AIAIAI x Kitsuné Tracks headphones will be available in both AIAIAI and Kitsuné stores and respective web stores.

Designed by AIAIAI (in collaboration with Kitsuné), Denmark

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