08 23 13 Winecast 1

Recently Anagrama designed Winecast packaging. Winecast is an online wine-tasting, curating and delivery service based in The Netherlands. After taking a "tastetest" that takes likes, dislikes, tastes and habits into account, Winecast presents the user with a personalized (and further customizable) selection of six wines to be sent every month for a fixed fee.



"Our proposal began with the naming: Winecast sends a selection, or cast, of 6 bottles optimized to the user's tastes, much like actors selected for a play based on their aptitudes for a precise role. It could also be thought of as a cast molded specifically after a person's preferences.

Our design explores the visual world of post and parcel packaging. The perforations or rippled edge found in the stationery and the box labels was inspired by the characteristic appearance of a postage stamp."

Designed by Anagrama, México

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