Die 4 Von Der Wollga

08 25 2013 Die4VonDerWollga 1

If you love the concept of Russian Matryoshka dolls (like myself!) you will love Die 4 Von Der Wollga! (The four of Woolga). A very cute design by Guertle Bachmann, for the fashion label Closed. Each package has a pair of woolly socks and a unique illustration of each family member (Dad, Mom, Son, Baby). This is definitely a package design that I would want to collect all 4! 



"The Four of Woolga” is a lovingly designed wool sock packaging for the whole family. The product set contains four boxes, each with an illustration of a particular family member: father, mother, child and baby. The mother of the family, called Woolanka, was sent to customers together with a letter. If a customer replied online, he received the whole family during winter sale. The four boxes can be placed one inside the other like the Russian Matryoshka dolls and encourage buying and collecting."

Designed By Guertle Bachmann, Hamburg, Germany

Client:Closed, Hamburg

Text: Matthias Hardt

Project Management: Anna Lorenzen

Illustration: Veronika Kieneke

08 25 2013 Die4VonDerWollga 2