Coors Banquet Beer Limited Edition

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"From its origin as the beverage of choice at Colorado miner banquets to its high-quality ingredients, Coors Banquet is the one and only beer that exemplifies the legendary timeless western spirit. The Banquet Beer celebrates its rich heritage with the limited release of three special edition pint designs, each commemorating an iconic symbol that has made Coors Banquet The Legend Since 1873." This year Landor Associates presents us with 3 bold, color blocked cans - each iconic brand symbols are enlarged to cover the whole can creating interesting shapes and patterns. I have never noticed how beautiful the letter forms in Coors logo is until it is seen big and used in this nature. A great design to commemorate 140 years of tradition. 



Designed by Landor Associates, San Francisco 
Design Director: Ryin Kobza 

Design: Ryin Kobza, Erik Gomez, Anastasia Laksmi, Kayla Jones

Lettering: Ian Brignell


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