Cheribundi, Functional Line

08 20 2013 cheribundi 1

Cheribundi juice is a definite sound out. The black bottle with the pops of saturated colors, amoung the iconic cherry illustrations are making this packaging look modern and fun. Designed by IDA_Boulder this packaging has a strong concept with an attractive execution. You can read more about Cheribundi after the jump.



"Cheribundi is an all-natural tart cherry juice drink. We rebranded the Refresh line of Cheribundi juices earlier this year. More recently, we applied the same aesthetic to their functional line of juices. To communicate the concentrated nature of this functional beverage, we utilized a black bottle wrap with a watercolor cherry illustration as a focal point. The result is a product line that stands out in-store among the other juice offerings."

Designed by IDA_Boulder, U.S.A

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