Karl Juchheim

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Howaitodei Omedetou! – Happy White Day!

Karl Joseph Wilhelm Juchheim was a German confectioner who first introduced Japan to baumkuchen, a traditional German layered cake. For this packaging the purpose was to design a special edition for White Day or Howaito De!
As a student, I enjoyed studying Japanese language and culture. While many of its traditions go back thousands of years, White Day is a more recent holiday that is celebrated exactly one month after Valentine’s Day. While women present gifts to men for Valentine’s Day, men return the favor on White Day. For this special seasonal packaging, Karl Juchhem was highly influenced by the color white. The poppy flowers represented on the packaging are bright and beautifully placed on the packaging making this collection perfect for Howaito De! Read more after the jump!



"In Japan, Karl Juchheim is famous for his Baumkuchen baking skills. For the occasion of White Day, when men give presents to their wives and girlfriends, a seasonal packaging design was created – presenting a poppy field – which captures the happiness of spring with its fresh colours. The floating clouds in the background symbolise the scents of this season, and the delicateness of the flowers is visualised through the transparency of the petals. Characterised by simplicity and high quality, this packaging reflects the confectionary’s brand values."

Designed by Peter Schmidt Group, Hamburg

Client: Juchheim Co. Ltd., Tokyo

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