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Matcha has been introduced to the western market mostly in the form of Matcha green tea lattes at coffee shops and cafés. Little do we know, that Matcha, the powder of ground green tea has many health benefits and had been used in Japanese traditional tea ceremony for hundreds of years. "BrandOpus has created Vivid, a new brand for a very unique range of Matcha-based drinks, to be introduced within the bustling health drinks market."



Originating in Japan, Matcha is a ground powder, a super food with energising and clarity-bringing qualities, high in antioxidants. The launch of Vivid signifies the first-to-market aspirational lifestyle brand that offers a functional and healthy Matcha-based drink in a convinient format for the professional on-the-go consumer.

The Vivid brand created by BrandOpus evokes the benefits of Matcha as a healthy mental boost. The brand identity integrates the word Vivid with an outline of an active head, conveying the idea that the range invigorates, encourages, and stimulates the mind to be able to Think Vivid. BrandOpus’ involvement spans brand creation, packaging, digital design, point of sale material and print advertising.

"We were tasked with creating a brand that would reflect the unique proposition of a chilled matcha drink. The brand identity establishes a metaphor for the effect that matcha has on your mind. This acts as a shortcut for consumers to understand what makes Vivid different to its competitors. The bold and vivid colours of the brand deliver standout and differentiation in a colourful and congested category" said Paul Taylor, executive creative director at BrandOpus

Designed by BrandOpus, UK 


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