Sweet's Candy Twist Taffy

08 10 2013 SweetsCandyTwistTaffy 1

When I intially came across this packaging, the first thing that caught my eye was its bold colors and the fun typeface used for each flavor. It also showcased the idea of Taffy in the most unique way. Explained below from designer Peder Singleton, the client was looking for a taffy package design based around color. Aside from the color, the unique dieline really gives this package the overall taffy feel. Doesn't it make you want to collect all the flavors and try them all? Yum! 



"Seven years after I helped design the first Taffy Twist box for Sweet's Candy Company they came back for a refresh—or more like a complete overhaul. The ask was to update the Twist line to have a more contemporary look where color would play a much larger role. Sweet's wanted something that would not only demand attention on retail shelves, but also work well with the gift basket industry, which often times compiles products based on packaging and color. With such a unique dieline, we decided to let the facets of the box play a large part in defining the colored panels. With three primary display panels, retailers can stack the boxes to create a striking presentation. Props to the client. How cool is it when a candy maker asks you to develop packaging around color to which they will match the product?" 

Designed By:  Peder Singleton, USA

08 10 2013 SweetsCandyTwistTaffy 2

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