Sanpellegrino Incontri


"Sanpellegrino keeps in its brand extension policy in order to enforce its strategical presence on the market. The communication objectives were to elaborating a brand identity able to express the richness of the product experience: a sparkling drink based on the fine mixture of two typical fruits from Sicily.

The work appealingly depicts the character of a really innovative product. The brand visual codes are strongly reinterpreted, while the visual, seductive and emotional, evokes the product experience."



Agency: BREAK, Italy

Designer: Alessandro Di Bello, Simona Baldo, Luca Franceschi

07 30 2013 SanpellegrinoIncontri 2

07 30 2013 SanpellegrinoIncontri 3

07 30 2013 SanpellegrinoIncontri 4