Recap: The Dieline Package Design Conference

When we began The Dieline Conference, The Dieline was still in its relative infancy.  The blog had obviously reached a certain level of success to warrant its own conference, but behind the scenes, The Dieline was being run out of an office approximately 180 sq. ft in size - next to a census office and landscaping company. Inside were cramped desks and papers galore - the remnants of many notes, ideas, and (a lot) of scribbles. Andrew was running the day to day, juggling multiple facets of the blog, while I was in design school (using the tiny office for many late projects!) and contributing when I could.  The process of planning, curating, and executing a conference was a completely foreign concept since neither of us had experience planning events on this level. When the opportunity to produce a conference along with HOW Design Live arrived we had no choice but to -pardon my French - make shit happen.  As cliché as it sounds, we dove in head first and began emailing people we admired, designers who's career we followed, and researching topics that would be relevant to package designers.  As the process continued, so did the rudimentary Excel spreadsheets, abundance of desktop files, and many doubts that we could do this on our own. 

There is zero doubt that the success of The Dieline Conference is due in part to our readers, colleagues, and industry who saw the potential in creating a world class event for package designers. It is with this recollection that I marvel over the fact that The Dieline Conference San Francisco marked our fifth conference! I am humbled by how fast the past few years have gone, especially with the exponential growth of The Dieline and all its endeavors. We have learned many lessons along the way, all while making decisions that have paid off, or crashed and burned in epic fashion. But with each conference we have refined and tweaked our process: striving to provide our attendees with the best experience, big ideas, and inspiration. 
Interestingly enough, that was the one element we didn't think about - meeting our readers face to face. Prior to The Dieline Conference, The Dieline lived online and all our interaction was through a computer screen, so it was something we hardly considered. With every year, I have met readers from around the globe: Sweden, Mexico, Thailand, France, Spain, and even some who live blocks away from me in LA! I have met students who are starting out and designers with illustrious careers. Each with their own story. I have come recognize familiar faces and now consider many of them friends. I have been given testimonials that have left me in awe over the dedication our readers have to The Dieline and what they are willing to put up with just to make it once a year (Including being stranded by a volcano!). Meeting our readers has been hands down the most rewarding element of this process.
As we settle back in after a few whirlwind months, I wanted to share a photo diary of The Dieline Conference 2013, The Dieline Awards, and our first ever conference party - The Dieline Speakeasy. Here are some moments from this year's event. Hope to see you next year in Boston!


The Dieline Package Design Conference 

Mike Peck, Creator Director of Packaging for Starbucks, showing past incarnations of the "House Blend."Debuting the new Starbucks lineup.
Steve Kazanjian, Vice President of Global Creative at MeadWestvaco (MWV).Terri Goldstein, Principal and Founder of The Goldstein Group, shows us HopeGel Project.
The HopeGel Project was started by EB Performance LLC and a group of dedicated doctors, food scientists & nutritionists to address the global issue of severe acute malnutrition in children.  To learn more about HopeGel Project, click here.
07 16 13 TDPDC13 5
Tim Hankins, Designer for The Honest Company Our speakers, Alex Center (Senior Designer at The Coca-Cola Company) and Steve Kazanjian (Vice President of Global Creative at MeadWestvaco), hanging out by MWV's origami tree.Our sponsor, Avery Dennison, brought a shrink wrapped Chevy Volt!MWv's Origami TreeDavid Turner, Principal and Co-Founder of Turner Duckworth Ben Cleaver, Managing Director of Blue Marlin Design Ian McLean, Founder of McLean Design Will Burke, Principal and Chief Innovation Officer of CB'a Brand Engine

The Dieline Package Design Awards

CONFECTIONARY, SNACKS, & DESSERTS - 2nd Place Winner: 'lette gift box à la ronde

HEALTH & BEAUTY - 3rd Place Winner: dinoplatzDebbie Millman, The Dieline Awards 2014 Judge, handing trophies out to the winners.HOME, GARDEN, & PETS , 1st Place and EDITOR’S CHOICE Winner - Method Ocean Plastic Dish + HandTECHNOLOGY, GAMES & TOYS, MEDIA, & SELF-PROMOTIONAL - 2nd Place Winner: Interactive Package HUE / Philips STUDENT - 3rd Place Winner: GAGA Tea, Nathalie HallmanSUSTAINABLE PACKAGE AWARD Winner - Sustainable expanding bowl07 16 13 AwardsRecap 9BEST OF SHOW Winners - BANDiful, Vivi Feng & Yu-Ping Chuang Vivi Feng, BEST OF SHOW Winner, giving her presentation on BANDiful.PREPARED FOOD - 1st Place Winner: VersaFlow™Steve Kazanjian announcing The Dieline Awards 2013 Spirits Winners.SPIRITS - 2nd Place Winner: John Walker & Sons – Diamond JubileeThe Dieline Awards 2013 Winners


The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013 Winners Exhibition 

07 16 13 AwardsRecap 2007 16 13 AwardsRecap 2107 16 13 AwardsRecap 22


The Dieline Speakeasy

A great turnout to our first speakeasy!07 16 13 TDPDC13 18Many thanks to Kraken for being our official drink sponsor!

The Kraken is imported Black Rum from the Caribbean blended with spices. To release your Kraken, click here.


A much needed break from a day of networking.Thank you to our party sponsor HLP Klearfold Visualize!

HLP Klearfold is a specialist; "we've been manfacturing transparent packaging exclusively for more than 40 years." To learn more, click here.


07 16 13 TDPDC13 22Mike Peck of Starbucks, Alex Center of The Coca Cola Company, and Andrew Gibbs of The Dieline


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