SkinnyEats Whipped Dressings & Dips

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"SkinnyEats is a revolutionary breakthrough in food science, culinary arts, consumer packaged goods, and healthcare. At the heart of SkinnyEats is its novel formulation, packaging, and delivery mechanism which whips its dressings and dips as it’s released." 

"Taking years to develop, SkinnyEats is a game changer in how we eat dressings and dips. Made of real dressing and real ingredients, SkinnyEats uniquely reduces the caloric content of the dressings and dips we’re used to, with the great taste and creamy texture that consumers expect."



Product Background

"SkinnyEats was invented and founded by the company’s CEO, Jimmy Lee, because many current dressings and dips are high in calories, carbs, sugar, fat, and sodium - they can have up to 170 calories per serving (2 tbsp)! 

SkinnyEats is the next generation of salad dressings and dips. Made of real dressing, it's just 15 calories per serving (2 tbsp) with 100% great taste! it’s the only 15 calorie whipped dressing and dip made of real dressing.

SkinnyEats currently has 6 great salad dressings and dips - blue cheese, honey french, caesar, ranch, creamy italian, and thousand island. Additional flavors are expected to launch soon including whipped mayo, whipped avocado / guacamole, whippedhummus, and many others."

Designed by  Lou Antonucci, Chief Creative Officer, SkinnyEats

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