Balancing Blocks

The silk-screened draw strings bag is a simple packaging solution for a complex set of 10 sealed and painted wood pieces with non-toxic finish. The line drawings on the bag illustrates many ways you can create your own sculptural structure.



"If you were ever mesmerized by the beauty in the precariousness of the balancing rocks, these Balancing Blocks are made for you. Fun and contemporary in form with a vintage feel,  one set contains ten different sized colored blocks. Multiple sets increase building possibilities and create additional multi-player game opportunities. Even if rock balancing isn't your game of choice, these blocks are beautiful enough to be displayed on your coffee table, book shelf, or desk. They'll definitely add a splash of colors and fun to your life and home. " 

Designed by Fort Standard for Areaware  

Photo Curticy of Poketo

Photo Curticy of Poketo

Photo Curticy of Poketo

For easy shipping and retail display purposes, the blocks come inside a cardboard box screened printed with images of the blocks.

Balancing Blocks from Part & Parcel on Vimeo.


Tiffanie Pfrang