Weinbau Ottiger

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Weinbau Ottiger is one of central Switzerland’s major vineyards. Winemaker Toni Ottiger and his team combine a traditional approach with an innovative and open-minded attitude. Rosenstar’s task was to develop a brand design that matched the company’s values and character. Weinbau Ottiger’s new visual identity is modern, simple, elegant and confident. Just like the vineyard. The most striking feature is the Ottiger ‘O’, which graces the boxes and bottle labels of the 2012 vintage. The ‘O’ appears in various forms on the labels – from very plain to ornate, according to the type of wine and its vinification – and a colour code indicates the grape variety. Thanks to the concise logo and the colour coding, the customer is guided to the product on both a visual and an emotional level. With its new design, Ottiger Weinbau’s bottles stand out on every wine shelf.






 Designed by Rosenstar, Luzern 

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