'The age of artificial is over'. More and more companies are learning (the hard way) that consumers, especially Gen X and Millennials are more incline to seek out un-artificial products. Founders of FOUND Beverage Co, Onur Kece & Mark DeLuca made sure that not only their product is 100% pure, every other component that supports the product has to follow that decision, including the bottle. Without using paper or plastic labeling, FOUND prints their information right onto the bottles. Why? "Because as the world’s first carbon neutral bev. co. that’s what we have to do." By doing so they do not only save a tree after every 40,000 bottles made - without the labels they allow the beautiful natural color of the product to show through. 

As part of a global rebrand of the entire portfolio, FOUND has also launched a unique range of Sparkling Mineral Water Infusions. "The range includes a combination of unique, premium and popular flavors that manifest in a range of beverages that are a global first: Cucumber & Mint, Lemon, Apple & Cinnamon, Elderflower and Natural Sparkling Mineral Water.



The new products have no preservatives and there is no fructose – enabling a low calorie, natuarally sweetened taste free from artifical sweetners and sugury after-taste commonly associated with carbonated beverages."


"Good mates & advertising professionals, Onur Kece & Mark DeLuca embarked upon their entrepreneurial adventure when Mark was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and Onur recommended he drink some pomegranate juice due to its vast cancer fighting benefits. After searching for this miracle juice for months without any success, the pair decided to find their own pomegranates and juice it for all Australians to enjoy - FOUND was born, Within 6 months or so, FOUND was on shelves of health food stores and cafes in most Australian cities.Fast Foward 5 or so years, not without its many ups and downs, Mark is 100% recovered, FOUND has expanded a unique range into the market place and the family owned business is proudly the world's first carbon neutral beverage company. Aspiring to pioneer creative innovation in the largely generic category, FOUND is dedicated to values of truth, transparencey, purity and will continue to bring the undiscovered to the market. Today FOUND can be 'found' in Sweden, Turkey, Australia, France, Korea, Singapore, China and The Maldives & USA" 

The re-brand illustrations were created by French Artist, Laura Riedinger


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The slogan “The Age Of Artificial is Over” is maintained by the brand as a socially motivating concept supported by Brand’s “Sustainable Lifestyle Campaign” – an up-cycling movement celebrated via the brand’s digital platforms


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